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Transitioning Your Care Agency to a New Software Platform

Switching from one data management system to another may seem like a daunting but necessary task for agencies. Although the process of switching to a new software platform is a large undertaking, our goal is to not only get your agency setup, but also to make the process as efficient and seamless as possible. 

Here at Direct Care Innovations, we have worked to design an efficient transitional process for our clientele. Today, we will be discussing what that process is like, how to go from one platform to another, and what to expect afterward. 

What to Expect During Transition

It is important to note that the transitional phase does take a while, often three months for some agencies. A lot of the setup process is dedicated to gathering a dense amount of data from the healthcare agency. Sometimes, that requires exchanges between different employees from a range of departments. During the transitional process, you can expect the following:

  • A discovery call from Direct Care Innovations discussing what the client is specifically looking for. 
  • Next, we will offer an initial demo that will review the technology’s various modules and software features. This initial demo will also show a live demonstration of the mobile app.
  • Then, we will create a deeper dive demo that displays the live system. The client will be able to visit specific features like payroll, billing, reporting, customizations, and other unique areas. 
  • The next step will be a Kick-Off Call. The client’s data will be gathered, organized and set up for the new system. Each account is assigned a specific Implementation and Account Manager that will be available each week for a status meeting to help assist with any questions and provide guidance throughout the implementation process.
  • Once all the necessary data has been organized and applied to the system, we then conduct a soft go-live to be used as a testing phase for the client to become accustomed to the new system and ensure that it’s running properly to fit their needs. 
  • After the new system has been set up and the soft go-live has been completed, the official launch date will be confirmed. If desired, we will have your implementation manager onsite for the first 3 or 4 days  of the official launch to better serve as an on-site resource for any troubleshooting, questions, and overall guidance as youragency gets up and running!

The Benefits of DCI

Your typical DCI system comes with incredible features like billing tools, scheduling management, electronic visit verification, payroll attendance, training delivery and authorization management. DCI’s team will ensure that the new software is personally tailored to meet the client’s needs. We are dedicated to designing new resources personalized to the customer’s liking. Interested? Fill out our Request a Demo page to learn more.

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