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Trends in Health Care Technology

The healthcare industry relies more and more on technology to improve productivity and make the lives of both patients and service providers easier. As technology evolves, it’s important to understand what the latest trends are and how you can benefit from them. From improving record keeping to tracking home care visits, mobile-enabled and integrative apps help agencies avoid audits and compliance issues.

Mobile App and Cloud Services

The majority of patients rely on their cell phones to communicate with healthcare agencies. The industry is just now starting to take advantage of this, as HIPAA law required additional security measures before medical tech companies could begin rolling out new products and applications. Now, doctors and other healthcare professionals can communicate with their patients and even access patient records through cloud storage. Patients can check test results at any time, providers can respond to medical concerns remotely and insurance billing becomes simpler.


Wearable devices can now monitor heart rate, blood pressure, weight, oxygen levels and even perform blood tests without the need for a half-dozen machines. They can detect falls and other emergencies, then automatically send alerts to family members, providers and EMTs. These wearables make it easier for patients to live more safely at home, easier for providers to monitor multiple residents and easier to respond to changes in real time.

Big Data

With the help of cloud services and artificial intelligence applications, researchers can collect and analyze larger amounts of data than ever before. This increases medical understanding and speeds up the development of new treatments.

Direct Care Administration

At Direct Care Innovations, our niche serves direct care administrators in the Medicare, Medicaid and Managed Care markets. Whether you work for a provider or agency, our customized software platform allows you to run your business with just one product. Explore our features to learn how DCI software enables you to save money so you can channel it to providing quality care and empowering your employees.

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