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Types of Businesses DCI Works For

So you’re interested in using software to streamline your caregiving agency, but you’re not sure if Direct Care Innovations can help you. The answer is, yes, we can! Here’s how we can cater to any caregiving agency, regardless of services.  

Residential Settings  

Direct Care Innovations works with group homes, care facilities, hospice, assisted living, or other site-based residential facilities. We can equip you with an authorization module that not only lets you access service authorizations, but edit and create new ones as well.   

Day Programs  

DCI can help with facility-based settings where multiple clients are supported in groups. We offer an advanced scheduling software that enables you to staff to the appropriate client ratio.   

Group Services  

We can also automate non-facility-based services where multiple clients are served by a single employee, such as group therapy. Our payroll software offers an entry specifically for group services.   

Home & Community Based Services   

DCI can assist with agencies that specialize in hourly home care and community-based supports. Our time entry software includes real time clock in and clock out and federally mandated electronic visit verification. Our modules are all accessible through mobile apps and work in rural locations as well.  

Parenting Programs  

DCI can serve foster homes, child developmental homes, adult developmental homes, respite homes, and other live-in services. Our user-portal software can help your agency give guardians access to their loved ones’ services.    Direct Care Innovations is passionate about providing caregiving agencies with the software they need. That’s why we offer custom software solutions to each of our clients, based on our proven software modules. There’s no shortage of software designed for general HR and accounting purposes, but we specialize in software for caregiving agencies. If you’re interested in bringing your agency to the next level with one of the leading healthcare technology companies, call (480) 295-3307 for a free software demo.

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