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What Questions Should Your Agency Ask EVV Vendors?

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is about to become the law in all 50 States as of January 1, 2020. 

Before you choose a vendor, there are some important questions to ask to be sure their platform is a good fit for your agency.

Important Questions You Should Ask a Potential Vendor

Does your solution offer a scheduling function that can match worker skills with different clients and their needs?

The same client may often have multiple needs and require different skills from the caregivers. Look for a system that will allow you to assign specific trainings or requirements to a client so that if a caregiver does not have those specifications they will be prevented from being scheduled to that client.

What type of verification options are included?

Each customer, caregiver, and client has unique needs for how EVV is captured. A strong EVV vendor will provide several options that can be customized for each customer and even each person receiving services. Look for high tech options that have a high degree of data integrity, and low tech options that capture the required data even when the users do not have access to Internet or the right technology.

Does your EVV Platform use GPS to verify location in real-time?

GPS tracking is the most accurate and tamper-proof way to verify a service location. Real-time data collection can allow employers access to the information they need when they need it. 

Does your platform provide billing functions and record visit detail information?  

DCI Platforms should document not only the time of each visit but the services performed and the skill level of the provider. Because different services are billable at different rates, this is important information for billing and auditing purposes.

Does your EVV platform integrate with timekeeping functionality for a streamlined payroll experience?

Caregiving is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Don’t make their job harder by asking them to use one technology solution for EVV and another for timekeeping. Look for an EVV platform that does both for one seamless user experience.

Does your EVV Platform include functionality to track and monitor caregiver training compliance?

New hire orientation, background checks, first aid training, ISP training, valid drivers license – These are just a few of the many caregiver requirements you may be responsible for managing employees and making sure they are not working when they shouldn’t. Continuing education and Certification maintenance is a vital function in operating any agency. Look for a solution like DCI that will keep track of this for you andalert workers and management when recertification is coming due.

DCI also provides easy access links to all necessary educational and certification materials.

What security measures does your EVV platform provide?

Client information is protected under HIPAA regulations. Any technology solution you consider needs to include the necessary security measures to prevent unauthorized access to confidential information

DCI’s enhanced security measures meet or exceed both government and industry standards.

Can the EVV platform be customized?

A one size fits all solution often cannot meet the specific needs of your agency and workers. Choose a vendor that can customize your application to meet specific needs. DCI will work with their clients to provide unique solutions to all functions from scheduling, education, billing, and visit verification.

How do I know if the vendor is a good fit for our company??

DCI offers an obligation free analysis of your needs. DCI is more than just a technology vendor they will custom tailor your platform and also provide training and implementation support. Because any implementation involves training and often changing procedures, it is important to choose a vendor you can make a partner in this process.

Direct Care Innovations (DCI)  creates business management platforms for providers and government agencies in the Medicaid, Medicare, Private Insurance and Managed Care markets.

All DCI software solutions comply with HIPAA security measures and are industry leaders in secure mobile applications.

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