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Will Switching to Digital Save My Organization Money?

The Case for Switching to Digital

In this digital age, more and more businesses are switching from paper to digital when it comes to saving information. There are several reasons why digital is better for documenting long-term support in the human services industry. These reasons include reducing the cost of a variety of things, such as reducing the need and cost for paperwork and how many copies need to be made. Keep reading for more details as to why switching to digital can save you money in the long run.  

Time = Money

Switching to digital will save your organization time because digital reduces the amount of time spent on paperwork. Less time means employees spend less time on redundant tasks and can focus on what really needs to be done. After making the switch to digital, more time and money can be spent on what matters to the company, such as new training for employees, spending quality time with individuals, and downsizing on office space from not having to have all that paperwork on hand all the time. Instead of focusing on the costs of paperwork, one alternative is to improve the performance of your employees by being able to offer more training to keep employees up to date on what is expected of them. Worrying about less paperwork means focusing on who matters in the company, the individuals receiving services. Individuals can get more care and quality time with employees.  

Reducing Costs

Switching from paper to digital can greatly reduce the cost of what your company spends on paperwork. Switching to digital reduces the physical costs of copies. Making copies of papers is not cheap, especially for a large company. The cost of making copies can be slashed drastically, or even eliminated, by switching all paperwork to digital. You’re able to allocate staff resources more effectively by having resources more readily at hand. You can reduce costs and increase efficiency by switching to digital.  

Case Study

Direct Care Innovations worked with a beta customer who saw 1.2 million dollars in savings in a 12-month case study. During this study, the organization was able to increase their ability to assure their disaster preparedness and recovery approaches. By removing the amount of paper necessary for federal archival standards and safety from damage or HIPAA breaches. Wouldn’t you love to save that amount of money and lower your stress levels, just by going paperless? Less work goes into the redundancies and error rate and more into being efficient, which can make you even more money in the long run. DCI and documenting long-term support in the human services industry can drastically improve efficiency and revenue simply by switching from paper to digital. Even better, you don’t have to do it yourself. Let us do all the heavy lifting for you  

Direct Care Innovations

Do you want to work with a company who knows the importance of switching from paper to digital? Consider working with Direct Care Innovations. You can request a sales demo of DCI software on our website, Direct Care Innovations. We are ready and eager to work with you and help you lower your costs.

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