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Will Switching to Digital Save My Provider Agency Time?

How Human Services Provider Agencies can Save Time with Digital Software  

More and more Human Services Provider Agencies are turning to Digital solutions for day to day as well as long-term management. The time management potential for Digital management is enormous, and by managing time more efficiently, an agency is able to provide better care. Digital scheduling also creates a better work environment for caregivers by allowing better schedule planning. Additional time savings are achieved by automating the day to day tasks of field personnel. Recording information is greatly simplified by a digital platform which also improves the accuracy of information entered. The manual recording process is eliminated because information can be entered into a central system via mobile devices like tablets or laptops. Digital data entry saves time, eliminates errors in transcription, and allows field personnel to provide a service, enter the individual’s and case information immediately and move on to the next assignment.

Electronic Visit Verification.

In addition to meeting regulatory requirements, EVV can also be a time saver and increase the accuracy of input data. Because this is done in real time, with time and date stamping built into the system all the data plus verification of the visit is recorded. This is vital for insurance purposes because both private, Medicare and other state-funded programs require documentation to process claims. Digital reporting functions also simplify the auditing process. Because everything is in a central system at your facility, records are not at risk of being lost. Digital Data Storage saves time by eliminating redundant entries and manual backup systems. Manual data systems that use spreadsheets, handwritten forms or checklists are time-consuming and prone to error. Manual systems are also dependant on unreliable and time consuming backup systems. One example is making duplicate copies and filing in separate storage areas for safe keeping. These systems are not only time consuming to create and maintain, but data retrieval is also laborious and often unproductive. Manual records, no matter how carefully stored, are vulnerable to misfiling or simply being lost. Digital systems save time by making file searches and retrieval automated. Digital files can be searched, sorted and retrieved in any way that is convenient. For example, a record search for a particular individual on a specific date is a matter of a simple electronic search.

Security and File sharing among authorized users.

Electronic file sharing is also easier in an electronic format, and more secure. Manual file sharing requires copying and creating hard copies that either need to be mailed, faxed or delivered. These additional copies can be lost, misplaced or left in an unsecured location. Electronic records grant access to authorized personnel only. The additional risk is that hard copy files can be copied by unauthorized personnel. Electronic systems can be configured not to allow hard copy printing or unauthorized reproduction. Electronic security measures are highly reliable when proper protocols are followed. An additional security measure is a documentation of who has accessed files and records. Systems keep records of who has logged on to the system and when records were accessed.

The following is a brief list and description of time-saving digital tools that are available.

1) User portals allow access to data. This saves time by allowing authorized users to access the data they need when they need it. This eliminates the need for your staff members to have to make copies, send files or make phone calls. The other advantage is that digital files are accessible 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Portals are available to most of the personnel involved in the operation of your agency as well as external caregivers. Different levels of authorization provide access on a need to know the basis for security reasons.
  • Employee Portal. This is for Agency Employees including Direct Care Professionals, Administrative and Salary staff.
  • Supervisory portal. Access for Supervisors, Directors, and Administrators.
  • Auditor Portal. State agencies, MCO’s and Internal Auditors.
  • Guardian Portals. This is for caregivers, family members, and guardians.
  • Administrators and Super Users. These are people who have complete access to all data.
2) Electronic Visit Verification. This can be done using a variety of mobile tools as well as landlines. Electronic verification saves time by eliminating manual time sheets and forms. This is also a much more accurate system for documenting information. Tasks the EVV system can accomplish include:
  • Real Time Clock in and Clock out.
  • Alerts, Notifications and internal messaging for staff clients and supervisors.
3) Electronic rating system. This allows individuals receiving support to provide valuable feedback to you and your staff so you can continue to improve the care you provide. Having this in a Digital Format saves time by eliminating manual surveys. Digital formats save additional time by allowing more accurate and consistent reporting. Direct Care Innovations is one of the most highly respected providers of digital solutions for the Human Services Industry. DCI also offers an obligation free analysis of your specific needs. Another advantage of working with DCI is that they are essentially a one-stop provider that offers software, as well as the expertise you need to make the right choices in purchasing the tools you need. Contact us for an obligation free consultation see if their solutions are a good fit for your agency. We can be contacted at / or by calling 480-295-3307.
“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.” ~ Mark Twain

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