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You Need to Upgrade Your Payroll System

Is your current payroll provider working for you? At Direct Care Innovations, we know the organizations and agencies we serve are busy and focused on caring for those they serve. We support your efforts by reimagining the direct care administration process, and the payroll portion of your back-end operational process is an integral part of the process.

Direct Care Provision in a Changing Landscape

Remote work flourished in the big tech industry, and corporate culture also shifted. Other industries pivoted to remain attractive to a competitive workforce. Then Covid-19 pounced on the world, and any industry that didn’t accommodate remote work scrambled to put a new infrastructure into place. The healthcare field discovered how to perform virtual work and took precautions for the essential task of direct care. It seems clear that most industries and organizations will maintain at least some level of virtual and remote work going forward, so how do direct care agencies and fiscal intermediaries adjust?

Fortunately, innovations in technology provide software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions that don’t just deliver functionality. They also streamline processes, provide greater depth of operational insight, and optimize revenue. If your current payroll provider is a different system that doesn’t allow interoperability with other administrative functions, you probably aren’t getting the most bang for your buck. Factor in the EVV requirement for 2021, and you understand that disparate systems hold you back in the following ways:

  • Creates workflow inefficiencies
  • Causes redundancy in work
  • Presents risk in terms of transparency and accuracy
  • Results in payroll, billing, and reporting errors

More Than a SaaS, an Administrative Strategy

Direct care providers who utilize multiple systems for HR and other functions is one contributor to administrative complexity. When systems are disparate, companies end up paying more in administration costs due to the lack of integration, the additional time it takes to manage people and procedures, and the cost of multiple subscriptions to different vendors. When one solution incorporates numerous functions, integrates with other systems, and provides the flexibility and ease to scale and grow, it becomes a platform that executes strategic objectives. From fiscal intermediaries to direct care providers to recipients of care, everyone benefits.

Compatible Systems To Consider for Integration

The right payroll SaaS solution is one you can utilize as an individual model or along with other administrative system modules. It should also be a system compatible with your business model, securely interface with other internal systems, or, for direct care providers, one that can communicate with fiscal intermediaries. Here is a list of administrative functions that make sense to integrate into one solution:

In addition to functionality, you should consider how easy it is for your team to access and navigate the system, known as the user interface. The best solution is configurable to your business needs, can be accessed from any smart device, offers varying access levels depending on the user’s role, and is seen as a helpful tool instead of a cumbersome administrative task.

When It’s Time To Make Your Move

At DCI, we focus on managed care organizations and agency partners in the healthcare industry. We design our products and services to meet the specific, unique needs of those in this field. When you’re ready to learn more about a payroll system that transforms into a business management tool, call us at (480) 295-3307 or schedule a free demo to see it in action.

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