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Benefits of Mobile Apps for Direct Care Managers

To keep pace with government regulations, care providers are investing in technology solutions that help them stay in compliance. Additionally, direct care agencies are seeking mobile functionality that integrates into their existing systems and keeps information secure. Enterprise mobility management (EMM) and mobile apps are very valuable to healthcare providers, and direct care providers can experience many of the same benefits.

Cost Savings with Mobile Apps and Devices

Devices like smartphones and tablets can be cost-effective tools because caregivers can use their own devices, which cuts down costs. Mobile apps used under EMM focus on bring-your-own-device (BYOD) technologies, while maintaining patient privacy under HIPAA. BYOD devices can be used for:
  • Information sharing
  • Verification of visits and services
  • More efficient collaboration
  • Efficient reimbursement of expenses, such as insurance claims
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Training modules

Making Your Job as a Direct Care Manager Easier

These apps can make your job easier and streamline administration for your organization:
  • Calendar and Scheduling. Personal and office calendars can be managed, shared and updated in real time.
  • Visit tracking, verification and authorization. Prevent fraud, ensure compliance and bill correctly using integrated apps.
  • Electronic Medical Records. Mobile devices do not store patient files locally, but service providers can access information based on different privacy levels.
By making it easier and more secure to use mobile devices and mobile apps, care can become safer, more comprehensive, and more cost effective.

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