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The direct care workforce is at an all-time low, and there are currently no effective solutions for this challenge. The increasing demand for direct care workers continues to grow, and elderly populations and individuals with disabilities are relying more and more on home-based care. With such a high need for direct care workers, why are there significant staffing shortages nationwide? Join Direct Care Innovations as we explore answers to this ever-increasing problem.

Why Direct Care May Be Experiencing Staffing Shortages

Problem: Undervalued Jobs

Although most people would agree that caring for the elderly and individuals with disabilities is a high priority, that sentiment is not always represented in this industry. The job of a direct support professional can be physically and mentally challenging. This field often experiences high turnover rates, recruitment challenges, and inadequate salary and benefits. 

Solution: Time & Attendance Tracking

Our payroll time and attendance module makes life easier for direct care staff. With customized time entry options for different positions and care settings, our user-friendly employee portal helps staff easily manage their schedules, track daily mileage, and request time off. 

Problem: Lack of Adequate Training

A lack of consistent and adequate training can frustrate and discourage employees. Direct care staff may feel unqualified if they lack support and training resources to prepare properly for their positions. When agencies refuse to change their unsuccessful training programs, employees may move on to different agencies that provide them with the skills and resources they need.

Solution: Training & Compliance Management

Our training and compliance module makes it easy and straightforward for direct support professionals to access educational materials and remain compliant within specific organizations. It proactively guides staff to mandatory training resources and prevents non-compliant employees from entering time until they have completed their required professional development.

Problem: A Need for More Data

Direct support professionals complete a wide range of tasks and services, from delivering complex treatment plans to managing crucial care and providing essential respite care. Data needs to be tracked, compiled, and analyzed to convey the significance and value of the direct care workforce. 

Solution: All-Inclusive Care Management Software

Our home healthcare management software allows direct care staff to create and update care plans, enter client goals and tasks, record treatment outcomes, track client progress, and more. Capture essential data regarding client outcomes and direct care services that can be downloaded with full reporting options and ready-to-use templates in PDF or Excel format.

High-Quality Service, Efficient Processes

DCI has helped managed care organizations, state health departments, and fiscal management service agencies throughout the U.S. provide high-quality in-home care while maintaining efficient and user-friendly processes. Learn more about our customizable business management software and features, such as EVV solutions and real-time reporting, by contacting us at (480) 295-3307, or you can request a sales demo today.

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