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Giving Back With DCI: Shangri-La COVID Care Packages

As the pandemic continues onward, the team at Direct Care Innovations (DCI) has been looking for ways to give back to agencies that have been affected by COVID-19. DCI recently decided to give away care packages to the residents of Shangri-La, as a way to give back to their community and spread joy during unsettling times.

Who Is Shangri-La?

Shangri-La is an Oregon-based non-profit organization dedicated to helping those with developmental and intellectual disabilities. With over 100 locations through the Willamette Valley and the Oregon coast, Shangri-La has forged communities that help children and families with disabilities. The company started in 1963 when 15 families banded together, pooling in their resources to create a welcoming, tolerant, and supportive residential home community.

DCI Gives Back

Direct Care Innovations sent Shangri-La 46 care packages to each residential group of Shangri-La. The boxes include things like playing cards, colored pencils, dominoes, popcorn, cards, stickers, DCI computer screen cleaners, DCI webcam covers, and DCI pens.

These care packages were meant to brighten the day of those who live in Shangri-La residential group homes, who are likely unable to get out and participate in activities they were used to prior to the pandemic.

Much like everyone else, the residents of Shangri-La have had to deal with quarantine life and the difficulties that come with the pandemic. However, DCI hoped these care packages would bring smiles to those 46 recipients in Shangri-La group homes across Oregon.

Why Shangri-La?

DCI loves to support agencies that help and care for individuals with developmental & intellectual disabilities, and Shangri-La has played such a valuable role in helping those in that community. DCI is honored to be able to give back to this community.

DCI’s Future Plans

When it comes to charitable acts, DCI doesn’t plan to stop there. The company is developing plans to host a monthly contest for similar care packages giveaways. DCI will provide administrative staff members work-from-home kits, which will contain DCI cell phone sanitizing spray, delivery towelettes, lip balm, hand sanitizer bottles, and tissues. Other items could include pens, keyboard screen cleaners, webcam covers, thumb drives, kind bards, and positive messages in the form of stickers and cards. These care packages will be shipped in cleaned bags with colored ties.

Direct Care Innovations would like to put out a special thanks to Brian Perry, VP of Sales, for coming up with the idea for this initiative, to Marisa Balbo, Innovation Associate, for putting the packages together, and to the executive team for supporting the initiative.

Learn more about Shangri-La on their website. Or check out their Instagram or Facebook page for more information about the care packages received!

About DCI

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