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Improve DSP Recruitment and Retention with These Strategies

Direct support professionals (DSPs) are key to providing qualified and compassionate care for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Recruiting and retaining DSPs is often challenging and frustrating. Direct Care Innovations works with caregiving agencies, and we understand the struggle of hiring and retaining hard-working and dedicated employees. With research-based strategies, your organization can address some of the challenges surrounding the recruitment and retention of DSPs.

Improve DSP Recruitment and Retention with These Strategies

Challenge #1: Finding Qualified Applicants

It can be difficult to find individuals willing to work as DSPs. This position requires someone who can adapt to changing circumstances, is patient and understanding with clients, and enjoys working with people. Consider implementing these strategies to find capable candidates:

  • Recruit applicants from within your organization.
  • Offer internship programs for students.
  • Establish hiring bonuses for new DSP hires.
  • Work with local schools and organizations to find qualified individuals.
  • Advertise the various benefits that DSPs receive when working with your agency.

Challenge #2: High Turnover Rates

Most caregiving agencies are all too familiar with high turnover rates. New hires may quit after only a few months for various reasons, such as a lack of training, unrealistic expectations of the job, and a stressful working environment. Below are some approaches you can try to discourage high turnover and increase retention rates:

  • Provide a realistic preview and practical details of the position.
  • Develop an orientation program to effectively welcome and acclimate new DSPs.
  • Set up a peer mentoring program for new hires.
  • Enact high-quality and thorough training practices.
  • Regularly offer fun, social opportunities for all DSPs.

Challenge #3: Little to No DSP Training

Many DSPs report a lack of training provided by their caregiving agencies. Offering adequate training can be accomplished in many different ways. Because individuals learn differently, developing an effective training program can benefit all new hires.

  • Offer an initial training program that thoroughly covers the expectations of the position.
  • Provide ongoing professional development that is specific to each DSP’s job description.
  • Collaborate with other local caregiving agencies to provide comprehensive training for caregiving professionals.
  • Focus on building a staff culture that encompasses job training and improving morale.
  • Offer bonus pay for DSPs who complete in-depth training programs.

Helping You Manage Your Caregiving Organization

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