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Intentionally Creating a Disability-Inclusive Workplace

Creating a disability-inclusive workplace is much more than simply hiring individuals who live with disabilities. By actively seeking qualified disabled individuals and offering them long-term support once they’re hired, you can foster a culture that embraces and supports the success of people living with disabilities. Direct Care Innovations recommends following the strategies below to build a disability-inclusive environment at your business or organization.

Intentionally Creating a Disability-Inclusive Workplace

Establish Specialized Training across the Entire Organization

Creating a disability-inclusive workplace begins with the company leadership. Along with being 100% on board with this approach, they can help by establishing training in this area for the entire organization. Consider hiring a consultant who specializes in hiring individuals with disabilities and is an expert at building an inclusive workplace for those individuals. The goal of educating staff and employees should be to create a culture that openly and compassionately invites individuals with disabilities to not only work within the company but also be included as part of the overall team.

Actively Involve Qualified Individuals with Disabilities in the Hiring Process

When hiring a new employee, you want to focus on identifying candidates who have the right skills and capabilities for the open position. This includes actively involving individuals living with disabilities who meet these requirements. You can accomplish this by taking advantage of various community outreach and recruitment resources. Reach out to local vocational rehabilitation case managers who can connect you with applicants. Get in touch with disability resource centers at local universities, community colleges, or vocational schools. These are just a few examples of how you can actively pursue candidates with disabilities in the hiring process.

Have a Plan for How Your Organization Will Support Employees with Disabilities

Before you hire an individual with a disability, your company must have a plan for how it will support them during their employment. Your goal should be to create a long-term solution that will intentionally advocate for the new employees, from the moment they apply until they retire or move on to a different position. Try to see your company through the eyes of someone living with a disability. Discover what would make them feel included, comfortable, and supported throughout their tenure at your organization.

We Support Caregivers & Clients Living with Disabilities

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