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The Custom Approach to a New Direct Care Software

The 21st Century Cures Act deadline is quickly approaching. According to the new regulations, all Medicaid agencies and care services must integrate some form of electronic visit verification (EVV) into their organizational processes. What this means is that home visits will be verified electronically and in real time. The deadline for implementation is January 1, 2020.

However, some states have requested and been granted a further delay of the original H.R. 6042 bill. The new provision extends the deadline past January 1, 2020. Some are calling the extension a “good faith effort exemption.” It exempts some states from the new guidelines timeline. It also gives them approximately another year to implement the rule.

Rollout Options for Implementing DCI

Even if your state has been granted an extension, you can still utilize many of the DCI features. Instead of implementing them all at once, you can do a rollout approach. An EVV rollout allows you to get started with the program starting with time and attendance, before adding more services as you go. It ensures that you adhere to EVV compliance regulations.

Some of the features that you can implement right now include:

  • Double verification process
  • Re-verification prompting
  • GPS-enabled location tracking
  • Tracking of travel time
  • Real-time running clock
  • Username and password
  • User PIN
  • Real-time declining balances

DCI can work with your agency to develop a step-by-step implementation. You decide how and when you want to get started, and we can guide you through the process. Because the EVV component requires strategic planning and training, you can simplify the integration by first rolling out Time and Attendance Authorization Management.

How to Implement EVV and Maintain Continuity

When you make the switch to DCI, your organization will benefit from using several features that we offer including:

Adopting all of these features into your organizational processes can be disruptive. However, with the right strategy, you can minimize disruption and foster continuity in your daily schedule. Our team can partner with you to determine which features you can use right now and which you can add later.

By the time your agency is ready to make the switch to EVV, all of the other DCI features will be in place. This is a much better strategy than trying to integrate all the features at once. It also ensures that your agency is compliant by the extended deadline.

Contact Direct Care Innovations for a Free Demo

DCI is here to help your agency become EVV compliant and streamline your organizational processes. We offer a comprehensive business management platform that allows caregivers to provide exceptional service. To find out more about our EVV solutions, request a demo today.

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